Getting into Festivals

Im glad to be asked to talk about how to get into festivals and winning government grants at the Alex Legg Memorial Foundation at the SkyLark Lounge in Upwey Thursday 27th September. Details can be found on . There is a small cost for the presentation, music and discussions with other musicians.

Many musicians and artists think there are some sort voodoo or magic to get into festivals or win government funding, but its not about that at all. Its a matter of getting your collateral together, knowing the market and opportunities and making wise selections that target your kind of music or project. 

To win government grants the best tips I can offer is to:

  1. Be vigilant about the grants on offer (keep a close eye on the websites)
  2. Understand the grant guidelines very well (this can help you gestate an idea and match it to the funding requirements)
  3. Speak to the Department before hand (create the relationship and understanding of what you offer)
  4. Be clear about your project in written form and financial costs (check it all before you submit)

In terms of applying for festivals much of the same information and resources you need to collect for funding grants can also be used for festivals. In a nutshell you are applying for a job (like anywhere else) and you need to:

  1. Grab attention of the festival organisers
  2. Answer exactly what has been asked of you
  3. Have live performance collateral ready
  4. Know your costs
  5. Have a biography written and ready

For more information please contact me or the Alex Legg Memorial Foundation.