Getting into Festivals - Short Video Series


Recently I was asked by the Alex Legg Memorial Foundation to speak to developing musicians about applying for music festivals. I have written about this before but now Ive made some video podcasts for you to watch and listen to rather than have to read the materials. Check out the first in the series which looks at why apply and play at music festivals - what are the benefits for musicians and what are the cons. The series is now uploaded to Suzanne Diprose Music Facebook. Keep a check out the first of these video podcast on my music page.

Check this series of 5 videos out. It will take you through:

  1. Session 1 - Why play music festivals and what do you need to consider
  2. Session 2 - How music festivals work and how it applies to us as musicians
  3. Session 3 - Getting prepared for music festival applications and what you will need
  4. Session 4 - Direct feedback on essentials from music festival organisers
  5. Session 5 - How to get booked at music festivals

Ill also be looking at writing a good biography in a later keep checking back in.

If you want written information on these topics, send me an email to